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One Square Mile, Chris Daniels and Sam Meech (2016), 07:25

One Square Mile, Chris Daniels and Sam Meech (2016), 07:25


Fallacy of Composition 

i. Chris Paul Daniels and Sam Meech "One Square Mile." Single channel video (07:25), 2016
ii . Alan Warburton "(Experiment On) Experiment On A Bird In An Air Pump," HD Computer Generated Animation (04:08), 2015
iii. Alan Warburton "Training Camp," Dual channel HD computer generated film (01:11), 2016
iv. Maud Craigie. "Custom Made," Single channel video (15:01), 

This screening series explores the concept of the Fallacy of Composition, and concludes that something is true of the whole, based on one unit of the whole.

 In Chris Paul Daniels and Sam Meech's One Square Mile they construct an elaborate system for reading an urban area that gets denser and more complex without getting any closer to describing the city.

 In Training Camp artist Alan Warburton applied a motion capture file labelled “Gay” to a Roman soldier building to an army of Roman soldiers that repeat the short loop, over and over, in formation. The original set of gestures were made by an unknown dancer with an unknown directive applied. The multiplying of the looped action across clarifies the meaning of the gestures.  

Maud Craigie explores the relationship between mother and daughter in Custom Made. Made during the Red Gate Residency in Beijing the artists Skypes her mother and through the broken connection asks her what is it that they do together Criagie hires a professional Chinese mother to completes these actions: shopping and eating together. Her hired mother acts out the codified actions of a ‘mother’ with the substance of a maternal relationship.

The actions of surveying or replicating actions in order to draw some conclusion highlight the disparity between the unit and the whole. In each film the devised system fails to convey what is lost in the obsession with one aspect of something much larger then itself. 


Ave 7, Calle 15

San José, Costa Rica

Screenings 7 - 10pm

August 31 – September 2